2011 Award Winners

2011 IHEEM Award Winners

Lifetime Achievement Award - Phil Nedin CEng FIHEEM

Unfortunately Phil could not make the awards ceremony, therefore IHEEM's President Paul Kingsmore made a surprise visit to Phil.


John Bolton Memorial Award (Bill Millar)

John Bolton Memorial Award for Excellence in the Field of Education and Training

Bill Millar CEng FIHEEM

Lucas Scholarship Award (Peter Tansey)

Lucas Scholarship Award for Significant Contribution to Branch Activities

Peter Tansey FIHEEM

Lucas Scholarship Award (Peter Tansey)

William E Schall Award for Excellence in Medical Technologies

Owen Stiles

Northcroft Silver Medal (Graeme Dunn)

Northcroft Silver Medal for Outstanding Contribution to the Advancement of Hospital Engineering

Graeme Dunn BEng (Hons) CEng MIHEEM


IHEEM Awards

Recognition of public contribution to healthcare engineering and estate management and excellence in achievement is at the heart of the work of the Institute. 

The Institute has a number of outstanding engineers, estate mangers and others in related disciplines whose achievements in professional healthcare practice have an impact on a regional and national scale.  Awards and prizes given by the Institute of Healthcare Engineering and Estate Management seek to recognise those achievements in honouring those individuals and promoting broader public appreciation.

The President encourages all members to ensure that their fellow members who may merit recognition can be nominated or encouraged to apply for the IHEEM awards, medals and prizes, as appropriate.