AE(D) Re-Registration

All IHEEM registered AE(D)s are to apply for re-registration every 3 years.   Their applications will be reviewed by the AE(D) Registration Board.

Re-Registration Procedure:

Four months before the AE(D) is due to be re-registered, they will be informed by the secretary of the Registration Board, reminded of the re-registration requirements and given a deadline that their documentation must be received by. 

Each registrant must submit to the AE(D) Registration Board:

A CPD record comprising of activities considered as personal development of the registrant; this must include a statement which confirms what knowledge was learned or gained which is relevant to the field of decontamination. Each AE(D) must provide evidence of at least 30 hours of CPD per year, for each year since their last registration.

A written professional review of the registrant’s activities, summarising the period since their last registration. The review should be approximately 1500 words.

It will be at the discretion of the Registration Board to call the registrant to an interview if the CPD record or professional review document does not meet the above criteria.

Once the Re-registration documentation has been received it will be reviewed by the secretary, who will check that all the required documentation is present. The documentation will then be sent to four members of the Board for assessment.

Once all forms are received back, the secretary of the Board will collate the results. If there is not a clear result, the Chair of the Board will be asked to make the final judgement.

If the AE(D) fails their re-registration, the AE(D) will be advised in writing explaining why they have failed and what action they must take to pass; this may include re-writing some of the supporting documentation, undertaking more research/work experience or attending an assessment interview.  If for any reason the AE(D) still does not pass the re-registration review, they will be removed from the Register.

If the AE(D) is successful and passes their re-registration, they will be sent a letter confirming this along with a new certificate confirming that they are a registered on the IHEEM AE(D) Register, which will be valid until their next re-registration.