Health Facility Briefing Course

Start date: 02/11/20

Booking deadline: Sun 01 Nov 2020

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Healthcare Facility Briefing System (HFBS)
Healthcare Planning is one of the many essential responsibilities that the Institutes personal and affiliate members actively lead or engage within their roles as healthcare professionals. The current need for all healthcare organisations to identify future healthcare requirements at a strategic level both nationally and locally as part of future capital investment plans has never been more important.
IHEEM has partnered with TAHPI as one of our knowledge partners to deliver this certified CPD course which is aimed to introduce the specialised aspects of health facility planning and design to candidates with an interest in developing their skills to take on infrastructure projects in public and private healthcare sectors.
What is the Health Facility Briefing System?
The Health Facility Briefing System (HFBS) is a powerful web-based platform for detailed Project Planning, Briefing, Asset Management and Auditing for healthcare facilities. HFBS is available via annual subscription of in a range of £495+VAT for IHEEM members (per module) or £595+VAT for non-IHEEM members.
Registered users can log onto the HFBS website, access comprehensive standards for Health Design, and obtain ready-made, editable “Standard Components” including briefs, room data sheets and layout sheets. Users can assemble detailed briefs, specifications, and schedules on the web without any software and within a secure environment. Once a project is completed it is regarded as “asset” or “property”.
Property information from the site, building a department to rooms, finishes, furniture, fittings, fixtures and equipment as well as services are recorded and saved in the system for ongoing management, auditing and benchmarking. Users can save their work directly to the web and print database-driven richly formatted reports for project or asset-specific use. HFBS is available for private as well as public health projects and assets.
At the project level, users can generate new building budgets complete with furniture and equipment lists and costs before any design work is done.
International and local health facility design guidelines such as the iHFG are built into the system and ready for immediate use.
A range of Power Tools built into the HFBS allow tasks that would normally take months or even years to accomplish, to be carried out in days or minutes. This includes the creation of comprehensive; standards-based Schedules of Accommodation and
And matching Room datasheets. The HFBS is a powerful tool for Rapid Project Definition and Procurement, typically reducing the upfront costs of a packaging a project for tender by 20% and shortening the delivery time by more than half.
As part of our collaborative working, we are delighted to produce a series of supporting software packages and training. IHEEM has carefully selected modules for IHEEM members to have discounted access to at an annual rate.
IHEEM is currently creating more information on these modules which will be available shortly. 
IHEEM Members
IHEEM Members can get access to these modules for £495+VAT per member per module.
This price also includes dedicated training sessions delivered by TAHPI. Also included is a 1-year annual subscription to this service.
Non-IHEEM Members
Non-IHEEM members can get access to these modules for £595+VAT per person per module. Training sessions will be charged at £200 per person per module.
The ongoing license fee is renewed annually at £495+VAT for IHEEM members and £595+VAT for non-members.
The first HFBS training will be available:
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