Continuing Professional Development

What is Continuing Professional Development?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is a process by which individuals take control of their own learning and development, engaging in a continuing process of reflection and action. The process should be both empowering and exciting to stimulate people to achieve their aspirations and move towards their dreams.

Your Professional Development gives you the opportunity to look at your career progress from a wider perspective. It challenges you to make time for regular personal reflection and review. It reminds you that you have the responsibility for developing yourself rather than pushing the onus on to your managers, peers or others in your organisation.

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Why is CPD important?

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) is all about keeping your hard-won skills and knowledge completely up to date. It delivers many professional advantages, but it’s also rewarding on a personal level as a great way to deepen your interest in your field and develop useful skills that could lead to interesting career decisions. In order to maximise your potential for lifetime employability, it is essential that you maintain high levels of professional competence by continually upgrading your skills and knowledge.

A successful CPD programme will meet the goal of creating an environment that enables you to remain professionally competent throughout your working life. This is done by providing information and guidance to assist you to develop your expertise in recognising and planning your learning needs, recording the activities which you undertake to satisfy those needs and thus maximise your effectiveness, efficiency and employability.

You should undertake CPD to enable you to:

  • Be better able to recognise opportunities
  • Be more aware of the trends and directions in technology and society
  • Become increasingly effective in the workplace
  • Be able to help, influence and lead others by your example
  • Be confident in your future employability
  • Have a fulfilling and rewarding career

Equally, there is an emphasis on competence. Many IHEEM members are required to exercise professional engineering judgement, often on matters linked to health and safety. Only someone able to demonstrate ongoing competence will be able to make a reasonable professional judgement in such circumstances.

Recording Evidence of your CPD