Ceri Davies

1994-1996 - Ceri Davies

Ceri Davies has had a very successful career as an architect - marked out for all to see by the Navy Buildings that he has designed.

He grew up in Barry, South Wales and studied Architecture at Cardiff University, qualifying as a registered Architect in 1957.  Following graduation, he worked in various private and public offices designing housing, schools etc. before joining British Railways Design Office, working on various projects - including signal boxes as part of Midland Region’s electrification programme.

In 1964 Ceri joined the then newly formed Research and Development Unit in the Ministry of Health which was created following Enoch Powell’s ambitious hospital building programme to establish guidance to help Regional Health Authorities and Teaching Hospitals deliver the new hospital projects.  It produced Building Noes, HTMs and the Component Database etc.  Following a Treasury course, he led the team which developed the concepts of cost allowances related to functional units, on-costs etc.  A lecture tour of the USA and Canada on logistics planning followed.  On return Ceri initiated and led the Harness and Nucleus hospital programmes and chaired the joint NHS/DHSS Policy Steering Group on Estate Management.  Overseas work at this time included designing the teaching hospital master plan at Bahrain, a children’s hospital in Armenia (following its disastrous earthquake) and teaching at Baghdad University.

He led a joint Home Office/NHS Team on Fire Safety in Hospitals.  This included a great deal of real-life fire research, all of which culminated in Firecode. 

He was then invited to chair the Government Enquiry into Property Management in the NHS which was published in 1983.   This work promoted the concept of strategic estate planning in the NHS.  It established the need for property databases, optimal utilisation and productivity and provided a methodology for incorporating the existing estate resource into capital planning.  Following Government approval Estates Departments replaced Works Departments in the NHS, and in due course the Institute (and this Journal) extended its range of interests to included estate management and capital planning.

Ceri led the Department of Health Consultancy Team to assist hospital authorities across the country to rationalise their estates.

He retired from the Civil Service as Assistant Secretary in 1994 and was appointed Research Professor at Cardiff University.

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