IHEEM is a charitable company and is is the largest UK professional institute dedicated to research, education and the professional development of healthcare engineers and facility managers.

IHEEM is independent of government, the NHS and commercial interests and protects its impartiality and objectivity.

IHEEM’s members comply with a Code of Professional Conduct that places a personal obligation to uphold the dignity and reputation of the profession and to safeguard public interest; each member undertakes to exercise all reasonable professional skill and care and to discharge this responsibility with integrity.

IHEEM commissions 'for public benefit' seminars, training and educational events such as the annual conference.  Surpluses made from these events are used by the Institute to promote its charitable objectives.

The directors/trustees meet in Council three times a year to provide strategic direction, to oversee and guide developments of the Institute, and to direct the six standing committees.  The trustees ensure that the Institute pursues its objectives 'for public benefit' and that the assets owned by the Institute are used in a way that will contribute to the Institute achieving its objectives.