What is IFHE?

The goal of the  International  Federation of  Hospital  Engineering is to actively support its members,  who mostly comprise national organisations associated with supporting the  Design,  Construction and  Operation of healthcare facilities around the world.

The  IFHE  is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation which facilitates the sharing of knowledge,  peer networking,  publication of relevant material and promotion of sustainability and other initiatives in the global healthcare sector.  The usefulness and relevance of the IFHE is widely recognised by individuals and organisations who take an active interest in the world-wide healthcare environment.

At its meeting held in  Manchester, the UK  in  October  2019,  the  Council  Members of IFHE voted in favour of changing the organisation’s name from the ‘International Federation of Hospital Engineering’,   to the ‘International  Federation of Healthcare Engineering’. This change allows us to retain the acronym by which we are globally known and recognised (IFHE), and to continue to use our refreshed brand and logo.

Objectives of IFHE

  • Promote, develop and disseminate hospital engineering technology 
  • Compare international experience 
  • Promote the principle of integrated planning, design and evaluation by improved collaboration between the professions 
  • Promote more efficient management of operation, maintenance and safety of hospitals, their engineering installations, equipment and buildings 
  • Offer collaboration with other international organisations

IFHE Digest


What is IFHE-Europe?      

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International Federation of Healthcare Engineering regional group Europe (IFHE-Europe) was founded from the cooperation between fellow associations from German-speaking countries, France, Belgium and the Netherlands at the beginning of the 3rd Millenium.

In June 2005 the IFHE Council accepted the collaboration as a 'Regional Group' within IFHE; the group currently consists of 14 associations from 11 countries.

Click here to visit the IFHE website: https://www.ifhe.info/