Making it relevant

Almost certainly, all IHEEM members undertake CPD as required by the Code of Conduct, partly for that reason, but mainly because they know it is a good idea and benefits both them and their employer. However rather fewer record it, and fewer still submit their record for approval and feedback by IHEEM. The Engineering Council requires all its licensed institutes to implement a programme of monitoring its registrants CPD activities. The aim is to ensure that all registrants are appropriately planning and reflecting upon their CPD activities properly.

  • How do you know what good CPD is?
  • Are you undertaking the correct type of CPD?
  • Are you getting the most from it?

IHEEM will periodically be asking a sample of registered members to submit their CPD records for approval and feedback. By providing feedback it is hoped that the exercise will benefit submitting members by giving an endorsement of their current practice if found satisfactory, or pointing out areas for development if necessary, or required.

This monitoring, auditing and feedback will be carried out in the first instance by the IHEEM Membership & Registration Committee, who are familiar with peer reviewing and have been trained to monitor CPD records and provide appropriate feedback.

The procedure need not be onerous; in fact,, it is designed to assist you. If you record your CPD via another institute or body, you may submit that.  

For a number of years now, IHEEM has provided an online CPD recording system to its members, IHEEM mycareerpath, which is accessed via the IHEEM website (log-in required).

This tool allows members, to plan, evidence and report on their professional development activities. It has a main function of monitoring by self-assessment and review, progress towards registration as a professional engineer. However, it is also used to record CPD, allowing the user to plan, record and report any and all activity that contributes to professional development.

This online system will also be used by IHEEM to receive sample CPD records, monitor and provide feedback. A monitoring and auditing function has been added to it, allowing the users to upload their CPD records quickly and efficiently and allowing reviewers to monitor and provide appropriate feedback, all via a secure online system.