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Water Management is Easy (if you want it to be)

27 August 2019









The IHEEM London & South East Branch has organised an evening presentation on Water Management Compliance on Thursday 19th September, 6.30pm at the London office of Bouygues E&S Uk Ltd. (Becket House, 1 Lambeth Palace Rd, SE1 7EU).

 Speaker - Nick Hill FIHEEM (AEW) From Water Quality (London)

Session Title; Water Management is Easy (if you want it to be)

Foreword - The Speaker shall provide a different perspective on how to effectively manage compliance of Water services.

How would you approach Water Management?

1. Waste Money on Schematics
2. Waste Money on Legionella Risk Assessments
3. Vomit into a spreadsheet
4. Deliberately contaminate patients with Antibiotic-resistant pathogens
5. Chase the regulator with a stick
6. Look in the bins to see what might be useful
7. Lead the trust/customer/client
8. Make sure people know that we are different and special
9. Stack water safety groups with estates people

 "Really, we should only be doing 2 of the 9 items listed above. These are the 2 which I, the Speaker, rarely Encounter." 

The other 7 are very common, some are ubiquitous.

Before you attend, decide which are the magic 2. Nick will start the presentation by asking you!

The Presentation shall be followed by a QA session and Refreshments.

***NB: Due to security please ensure you book before attending the event. If you wish to attend please contact Stephen Perfect: or M 07882 566248