Registration process - Final IHEEM peer review interview

On satisfactory completion of the Competency Framework Process, each candidate who wishes to proceed to AE(D) registration must attend an Assessment Session administered by IHEEM and carried out by members of the Registration Board.

The Assessment Session will comprise:

1. An exercise requiring the writing of one or more reports in response to written scenarios provided, sight unseen, at the commencement of the session.

2. A Peer Review Interview

This process along with the matrix assessment, is required for the Board to understand the ability of each candidate for registration and undertaking the role of an AE(D).

The assessment process will assess the candidate in the following general areas:

Technical Knowledge - The candidate should be able to exercise independent technical knowledge and judgement at an appropriate level as an Authorising Engineer.

Legislation and Policies - The Candidate should demonstrate that he/she has kept up to date with current and emerging Guidance, standards, legislation and Government Health Service policies.   This will include a review of the Candidate’s CPD record [link to sub-page 4].

Management Processes - Candidate must have an understanding of Management processes and involvement in human and industrial relations.

Design, development and manufacture of productsequipment use and processes to a competitive level of cost, safety, quality, reliability and appearance.

Finance - Candidate must have an understanding of and where appropriate involvement in, financial, statutory and commercial considerations. 

People skills - Demonstrate effective interpersonal skills, appearance, manner and impact.

Approximate timings for the Assessment Session:

Consideration by the Candidate of scenarios and the production of written reports: 60 mins
Evaluation by Registration Board members of the reports: 30 mins
Peer Review Interview, carried out by 3 members of the Registration Board: 90 mins
Final consideration by the Board members: 30 mins

On successful completion of the Assessment Session, the candidate will be added to the IHEEM Register of Authorising Engineers (Decontamination).

Should the candidate be unsuccessful on this occasion, appropriate feedback from IHEEM and the Board will be given, and mentoring can be provided if requested.