Richard Harrison

1977-1979 - Richard Harrison

Born in Hull in 1910, Richard Harrison lived most of his life in London. Educated at Christ’s Hospital and the City and Guilds’ Engineering College, he graduated in 1931. Under the eye of Dr Oscar Faber, Richard worked as a Structural engineer in the same firm, transferring in 1936 to the Building Services side of the practice.

The war years were spent on ordnance Depots and other industrial work, and in 1944 he was put in charge of the Building Services for the rebuilding of the House of Commons.

In 1951 he joined J. Roger Preston and partners as Chief Engineer, becoming a partner in 1954 and was senior partner from 1966 until he became Consultant to the partnership in 1975.

He was honoured in 1974 by the award of a CBE, for his work in the hospital field.