Rob Smith

2008-2010 - Rob Smith

Rob has been happily retired from the NHS and Department of Health work for six years with no active role with those organisations for the whole of that time.

He became aware of IHEEM shortly after joining an NHS Health Authority in 1986, supporting colleagues to attend IHEEM training and events, and in gaining the appropriate level of membership of the Institution.

Whilst at the Department of Health he was honoured to be invited to become President of IHEEM. It proved to be a great help in undertaking his role at the Department of Health in that it afforded an excellent two-way communication process with the NHS and related industry.

During his time as President, he worked to improve the level of engagement between the central IHEEM team, the membership and other related organisations including HEFMA. The focus for much of this work was the pressing need to help the NHS understand and address with the significant strategic change that was occurring, together with the need to achieve significant efficiency improvements across a range of areas whilst maintaining a clear focus on safety and the quality of the environment to ensure the best possible care of patients. In working with IHEEM and the NHS on these matters, Rob was provided with the best possible feedback to inform the work that the Department of Health was undertaking.

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