IHEEM Technical Platforms

IHEEM has developed a system of Technical Platforms which:

  • act as a focus group on technology matters
  • create policy on technology issues 
  • advise the Institute's Council
  • guide members on significant issues arising
  • manage technical responses and activities
  • assist IHEEM's Professional Development Committee to develop content for seminars

Each platform comprise of a network of experts, including a leading practitioner and at least two contributors knowledgeable in the field.

Disciplines covered in the Technical Platforms are:

The Technical Platforms provide information and guidance for members and advise on matters of special interest as they arise. They promote and support technical papers, which are printed in the HEJ. They also provide comment on HTMs, HBNs, CFPPs and other guidance from the Department of Health and the Devolved Authorities.

The Technical Platforms are governed by the Technology Platform Committee. The Committee is made up of the Chair of the Committee, presently Bill Millar, and the Chair of each Technical Platform. The Committee provides guidance and action plans to the Technical Platforms.

Each Platform communicates electronically to share ideas, comment on articles and contribute information. Telephone conference calling and the internet are the main meeting places for the Platforms, however, each Technical Platform can arrange actual meetings as needed and reasonable costs of these meeting will be reimbursed by the Institute.

We hope that the Technical Platforms will give Healthcare Engineers an opportunity to give advice and guidance on topics that they feel are important, as well as setting up a network through which expertise can be gathered. This will provided the institute with an invaluable source of knowledge, and an expert voice, when specialist matters arise. They are also an excellent educational benefit for all IHEEM Members, who receive information from the Technical Platforms through the  HEJ, Technical Papers and through seminars.